5494 Pearl Rd. Just South of Ridge Rd. Parma, OH Tuesday thru Saturday 10:30 am to 7:30 pm  We are closed Sun. & Mon. to enjoy time with our families BBQ Doggie Styles Classic			   Snappy  $1.49	         $2.69  Jumbo      Kielbasa $3.19          $3.69 It pays to be our friend! Sign up on Facebook to get really incredible deals! Fresh Cut Fries Hush Puppies Onion Rings Corn Dog Pierogi Dippers   Toppings for any side: Cheese 75¢ chili 75¢ sour cream 99¢ mayo 75¢ chipotle mayo 99¢ fresh jalapenos 99¢ ranch 75¢  Bacon 1.69

This Lil' Piggy BBQ $2.99

pulled pork, cole slaw, cheese sauce topped with BBQ sauce on a hot dog bun

Porky Pig

A hot dog topped with pulled pork,

cole slaw, cheese and BBQ sauce.

Classic $3.99   Snappy $4.99

Jumbo $5.49   Kielbasa $5.99


Hogzilla BBQ $5.99

pulled pork, cheddar cheese and

bacon on a bun

Lone Star BBQ $4.99

pulled pork with cheddar cheese on Texas toast

Dixie Chick BBQ $4.99

Crispy BBQ chicken sandwich with lettuce & tomato

Red Neck Fries $6.99

Our fresh cut fries topped with pulled pork, cheese sauce, cole slaw and freshly sliced jalapenos