This Lil' Piggy BBQ $2.99

Our in-house smoked pulled pork, homemade cole slaw & cheese sauce topped with BBQ sauce on a hot dog bun

Porky Pig

A hot dog topped with pulled pork,

cole slaw, cheese and BBQ sauce.

Classic $3.99   Snappy $4.99

Jumbo $5.49   Kielbasa $5.99


Hogzilla BBQ $5.99

pulled pork, cheddar cheese and

bacon on a bun

Lone Star BBQ $4.99

pulled pork with cheddar cheese on grilled, buttery, Texas toast

Dixie Chick BBQ $4.99

Grilled BBQ chicken sandwich with lettuce & tomato

 BBQ Pork Sandwhich $4.99

Smoked pork on our fresh, brioch bun